C.G.I Class


Project 1 Post 7

Post So tonight I’ve been playing around with KeyShot and I stumbled across this render function Where you can render out a turntable view in

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Project 1 Post 6

Post So today i had a bit of a play round with creating Alphas for use in zbrush and all i can say is dammm..

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Project 1 Post 5

Post Today we got a bit of a run down on poly-painting in zbrush and how helpful keyshot is for testing lighting condition with the

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Project 1 Post 4

Post So to explain my reference imagery well as I’m doing kind of a long fin well it kind of eel type fish thing. My

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Project 1 Post 3

Post After having a couple classes with a master in Zbrush and with what he was allowed to show us. Of the creations created with

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Project 1 Post 2

Post So after doodling some more of my creature over the weekend and after getting reacquainted with the very basics of zbrush again. I’ve got

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More Posts To Come

Visual Diary

Anything I doodle that’s related to project 1 can be found here. I will add images as I doodle them..

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