D's Awesome Esk8 lighting Rig

A lighting system that changes colors to show which side you are turning to without having to do anything but carve it up.

Well I’m at a point Where I’m nearly happy to start doing a few Alpha/Beta  small block production runs of this lighting rigs…
And I want Full transparency Here On what I’m upto.
I love riding my Esk8er’s and also enjoy writing code for wifi base microcontrollers. so this device is built from open source based components .

 I am only a one band Army bottlenecked for time by what I call solo parent syndrome. I am trying to work it as fast as I can to get something I’m happy with so I can start supplying this awesome community of E_riders hyping this device which I have to thank you all for. 

The reason I am doing this device in small block runs Is because I can only test this so much and know that ever rider really rides in there own style. I’m hoping that this committee can understand this and I plan on releasing the first few blocks still in Alpha/beta stages. so please don’t order one at the time of sale’s opening if you’re not understanding of this.. But If you want to help this project grow these first release are for you.. I do aim to bring this to a viable product for all E riders who want this kind of device.

About Stages of development

Because  of my addiction with microcontrollers I’m always trying to think of how I can combine them with my love of riding E-Skaters. I’d also forked out for what I described as my luxury liner last year mid way If I remember right. Its an Evolve GTR which has Usb power outputs and that got me thinking about what I could create Powering an Leds system was the first thing that pop up and to be honest I thought to myself, Na I’m not a Led riding Man. 

time went by …

About a week or so a ago I was chatting with another E-rider and mention this concept. He showed interest and here me are now. 

…So in time frame…

 I’ve spun this up within a couple of weeks and am kinda losing my mind on different function, Casing and where I can tweak it to suit E-riders. This time frame and how every rider rides with there own style Is the main reason for why I have decided to do a few small block runs to start off with and the Other reason is Financial which in turn restricting the amount components I can Buy at a time..

Alpha/Beta builds

Because this has spun up so quick and I can only test this device so much the first few run of these devices I intended to added extra setting in the user interface for the alpha/beta buyers to play with and help refine the end features this device has.. I have also added an update feature so if there is any issue I can send the user a file to update the device to try and solve these issues the user may encounter. 

Release One

For the first release and since this project is still in its infancy. I will be doing the  production including 3d printing the case. Simply because I don’t have the funds to take it to a lager production line. Because of this I intended to start with small amount of units on release slowly increasing  units number per build run

The other reason why I’ve chosen to do it this way is because I can only test this device so much as well and know that there are a lot of factors that could effect how this device functions. for example rider weight, wheel on the deck, truck tightness and so on.  I want to keep the numbers low to start so I can hopefully work with this release group to refine any issues that might show up. Because of this I have also added an update function to the device which will be removed once the devices functions have been finalised

Alpha/Beta Mount

Because I  am doing this as a Alpha/beta block releases and will be 3d print the case. The device weight is under 50 grams. as well as the first few block only being usb powered. I intend to provide 3m foam tape as the mounting..

the reason behind why I’m doing it this way..

Is that this device Is Based a Micro Electro-mechanical system (MEMS), it consists of three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope so to much vibration can affect this device. 

So riders that end up with one of the alpha/beta editions can test it in different position on there decks and relay feedback if they wish.

lastly I ride an Evolve GTR on 85mm Orangatang Caguama Purples and am purely Street. So have no clue how this device will react with Reverse King ping, spring or A.T


User Interface

The User Interface is accessed through a wireless access point which will be set with the default name of

“The Most Awesome Esk8 Light”

and the default password of

“Will Drop On release”

Once connected you can access the user interface by going to you web browser and typing 


If you submit a value in this display It will reload the page with an added value string in your address bar.


The Most Awesome Esk8 Lighting System

Tilt Value:

Brightness Value:

Bust a Rainbow

Tilt Lighting

It can take upto 10 sec to jump back to tilt lighting from the rainbow setting


calabration is done at start up but if you have any issues try recalabrating

the first release and how many will there be in the release

I have order and am waiting on some components to show up. As soon as they show I will start the fabrication. an as soon as I have 10 units constructed  I will start listing them. I intend to do a total of 100 units like this to start of with and if sales continue I will start to increase the  numbers pre build release. 

Mount Concepts

A super quick render to show one of the mounts I’ve designed for my Esk8 lighting systems  I have a few different mounting ways in mind I’m still to nut out..

This is one designed to slip over the back truck of a drop-through deck like the evolve range and use the back truck bolt to be held in place..

I kind of designed It with it being made from a CNC alloy so it can be used as a little foot stop.

The cads still need’s a bit of cleaning up and because this is one of the more expensive designs to manufacture. So it will be going on the back burner for now..

more info coming in

About the code

Now I have been asked if I will release my code…
I have thought about this long and hard as it is something I normally like to do. But I’m sorry I won’t be doing that this time… simply because I am building this for people who don’t know how to code or doesn’t have the time to script up something like this.. But what I will do for all of you that want to build you own is compile a walkthrough where I explain the sites I used to gather the information needed to compile this sketch when I get some free time

for if you have any questions

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