Build Your Own Remote Controlled Robotic Arm

here’s our how to build yourself a simple remote controlled robotic arm. Using a couple of Arduino’s and a few other bits and pieces . 

What You Will Need To Create This Remote Controlled Robotic Arm

  1. 5x 10k Linear Potentiometers
  2. 5x sg90 servos
  3. 2x Arduino nanos
  4. 2x NRF24L01 chips
  5. Some wiring
  6. A soldiering iron and soldier
  7. All the 3d printed bits

The first thing you’r go to have to do is head to this link

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Here you will find all the information on “How To” wire up the NRF chip to the Arduino . Once you understand how to do that head over to the links below to download the needed library and install them in your Arduino IDE.

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Once you have your Arduino IDE set up all you need to do is download the code and cad files provided below

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